Given the fluidity and unpredictability with which the cryptocurrencies and the respective projects go, it’s amazing to find stability for as many aspects of one’s project as possible. Because the cryptocurrency boom has been largely unpredictable, with prices rising and falling dramatically and at the slightest provocation, it can be incredibly difficult to time the sale of such tokens. (1) There are several ingredients that all investors are looking for, both in the real world and in the crypto universe. Angel investors usually focus on a combination of strategy, product, market size and team to screen investments. (2) Key skills in the team’s experience, the purpose of the project and ways for an investor to make a profit are all essential in order for a new project, token or business to reach its full potential.

Coin Oracle started out as a way to bring people with ideas closer to people with funds. This project later developed into Mind Shop, an NFT marketplace that sells everything from art to great ideas. It was during its development when we realized the true value and place that Coin Oracle should occupy in this crypto world.

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